Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

I’m going back to my old Blogger site. This site will stay here for a foreseeable future, but I won’t post any more. Old content will stay here as well, as I don’t have time to move it into Blogger.

Thanks to all who participate in this little site of mine.

Lomo galore

Ok, not really, I was fooling around with my not-so-new toy, HTC Desire phone. To be more precise, I decided to kick into ever-so-happy point-and-shoot mode, and photograph without fuss, editing, or even thought. Have to admit, those mindless P&S users might be onto something. I mean, if you just want to snap happily whatever happens around you, thus concede to whatever camera produces, what, in the end, is differentiator among, say, Holga, P&S and phone? Garish colors? Heavy vignetting? Optical distortions? Artistic value? LOL

Ok, images from Lomo could possibly compete with anything out of dSLR. But, just for web, even P&S is a massive overkill, phones are quite capable for that. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of making image for web out of the same size original image. For instance, I did resorted to just snapping around with some photo apps for Android, with predefined Lomo and other “artistic” effects. All of apps are restricted to max. 800 x 600 pixels, probably due to image processing being too heavy for a phone, thus I didn’t even used all of available 5 MPixels. Still, results are quite interesting:

Small step for a girl …

Returning back from walking in city park, I stumbled upon small girls lost shoe. And so, opportunity was met with my camera. Result is in usual place:

Sharing more

I uploaded Croatian chess book at Scribd and a few other sites. Here are links to those at Scribd, docstoc, wePapers and issuu. Enjoy on-line reading!

And now for something new

Or not. Photos galore! Ok, maybe just different from the previous months. Anyway, here they are for your joyful perusal😉

Croatian Chess, 2nd Edition

Almost exactly 1 year ago I posted my Croatian Chess book. Today I’m posting 2nd, expanded edition of it. I added a 3 new variants, and a 3 new pieces, so in total, largest variant features a whopping 26 × 26 board and a massive set of 106 pieces. Not shabby, eh?

I’m putting it in Public Domain, so it’s free for you to print it, translate it into any language of your choosing, etc. If you find out of any sections which aren’t as clear as it should be, or you tried and find game play unbalanced, or simply find another typo, please, let me know. Thanks!

I don’t plan to put it on-line, it’s such a major pain in the a**. And frankly, I’m quite inept at marketing myself, book or blog, so I hardly get any response for the 1st edition of the book at all. Well, except if WikiBooks admins would be kind enough, and vouch for volunteers to help convert it into WikiText. I won’t, I already have some other projects on the table. In fact, if you’re versed in WikiText, and willing to put some of your time into it, I’d really appreciate it.

And now for a download links. Enjoy!

Croatian Chess PDF, 2nd Edition

You can now find the book at WikiMedia Commons:

Croatian Chess PDF, 2nd Ed @ WikiMedia Commons

And, if you feel like coding there is a SourceForge site:

Croatian Chess PDF, 2nd Ed @ SourceForge

Here are updated links pointing to on-line publishing sites:

Croatian Chess PDF, 2nd Ed @ Scribd

Croatian Chess PDF, 2nd Ed @ docstoc

Croatian Chess PDF, 2nd Ed @ wePapers

Croatian Chess PDF, 2nd Ed @ issuu

Croatian Chess – Front cover

Croatian Chess

and other variants

Mlačak Mario