JavaScript in woes

For some reasons (actually, it’s “additional security”), does not allow you to have JavaScript on your blog. Thank God, there is that little thing known as security! Without it, we would be stripped of cover-it-all-excuse for denying just about anything to anyone else.

OTOH, they’ll be pouring in quite an effort building, yet will be able to provide less then competition, say Blogger. Why? Well, it’s because of that stupid decision to deny us, and consequently themselves, ability to leverage somebody elses features, in this case JavaScript built into web browsers. I mean, if JavaScript is so bad that you need “added security” for blog readers, than Blogger would ban it too, right? But it doesn’t. In fact, Blogger actively promotes use of its companion service, AdSense, searching engine and such. It’s just a two clicks away. Not to mention the wealth of widgets you can put on your site. I spent whole two days just browsing them. Not that all works properly, or even at all, but you can always find what are you looking for. Or, you could easily roll your own.
I think I can hear Google managers saying for themselves: ‘Want to add some interactive bells-and-whistles to your site? No problem! Just make sure your site is attractive enough, so it makes people come to you, and by extension, to us. Your success is ours, as well.’

Restricting things and putting artificial limits on what one can do, is a sure tell-tale sign when service provider is going slowly, but surely, down. It starts in fear of competition, or greed at peak of monopoly. But then it blocks your own creative forces, because you’re draining yourself working more and more, with less and less results. And it blocks people which provide content, because they’re not able to use existing solutions, services or take advantage of their own work. Dull looking, non-interactive site, without ability to collect advertisers money is next to dead duck. And it doesn’t take a genius to see why.

People at, if you read this, save your own a**es, and enable JavaScript, and everything else which comes around. Think bazaar, not cathedral!

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